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Attractive shaft couplings are frequently utilized for fluid pumps and propeller frameworks, since a static, physical obstruction can be put between the two shafts to isolate the liquid from the engine working in air. Attractive shaft couplings block the utilization of shaft seals, which in the long run destroy and come up short from the sliding of two surfaces against each another. Attractive couplings are likewise utilized for simplicity of support on frameworks that commonly require exactness arrangement, when physical shaft couplings are utilized, since they permit a more prominent off pivot mistake between the engine and driven shaft.


Some jumper impetus vehicles and remotely worked submerged vehicles utilize attractive coupling to exchange torque from the electric engine to the prop. Attractive adapting is likewise being investigated for use in utility scale twist turbines as a methods for improving reliability.[1] The attractive coupling has a few points of interest over a conventional stuffing box.[2][3]


Some aquarium pumps are attractive drive pumps - they utilize attractive coupling between the engine on the dry side of an aquarium divider and the propeller/impeller in the water on the opposite side of that aquarium wall.[4] With two up close and personal charged plates - one driving magnet on the dry side, and another determined magnet on the wet side of the glass - there are two choices for structuring the attractive example on each circle. One alternative adjusts the (appealing) segment that exchanges torque, with attractive aversion close to the pivot, to almost counteract hub load.[5][6] The other choice structures the attractive example to augment the torque, and utilizations a mechanical push bearing to oppose the fascination between the charged circles.

An attractive stirrer is another case of attractive coupling.

Attractive couplings are frequently synchronous (yield shaft speed measures up to include shaft speed, or 1:1).


The initial couple of apparatuses in the geartrain of an Omega Megasonic wristwatch have no teeth; rather attractive north and south shafts on neighboring riggings act like the teeth and trough of neighboring goad gears, as each rigging drives the following apparatus in the chain.[7] Such attractive riggings, similar to goad gears, dependably have adapt proportions as the proportions of little whole numbers.

More advanced attractive adapting utilizes post pieces to regulate the attractive field; they can be intended to have outfit proportions from 1.01:1 to 1000:1.[8]

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